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Mission - Digital Forensic Certifications and Education

The continuing development of test scenarios to test the skills required of digital forensics practitioners working in both the private and public sectors.

The continuing development of learning objectives and educational materials for digital forensics - also known as computer forensics and forensic computing - related curriculum.

CyberSecurity Institute will continue to work with digital forensic professionals from both the private and public sectors in order to accomplish the above.

CyberSecurity Institute

CyberSecurity Institute is a full-service digital forensics company. We have been involved in digital forensics/forensic computing since 1997, and provide forensic services to businesses, government, attorneys, and individuals.

We provide digital forensics and information security training to companies, individuals and law enforcement personnel. CyberSecurity Institute personnel are regarded as computer forensics experts, and maintain a relationship with state, city, and federal law enforcement personnel - many are our students.

Our President, CEO, and Primary Analyst is Steve Hailey.

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